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If your looking for Sassy Baby T Shirts then your in the right place!

Either get matching tees with your little babe. Or dress her up in our cute new range of sassy baby t shirts. Every single tee on our site is available from ages 5-6 to unisex XXL. We are now excited to announce; our tees are available from new born upwards. This is such an exciting move – and the tees are so adorable.

We currently have a small range. Like everything on Save The People it’s only going to get bigger and better! We have babygrows/vests and extra cute frill hem tees coming your way soon. No doubt in the winter we will have some mega cute baby hoodies and sweaters.


Sassy Baby T Shirts - Size Guide

We hope to be able to cater for all babies. Rather than the Save The People standard colours of black, white, grey and maroon. We have chosen Royal blue – as it is a gorgeous vibrant colour perfect for boys and girls and great for the summer! We loved this heather grey so had to add it to the collection. Some people may disagree with dressing your little babe up in black. Yet some people only dress their babies in black. Totally your choice, but we love it! Of course, we had to have fuchsia pink. This is another bright colour perfect for the summer. If you love one of our tees but would prefer it in a colour – just drop us a message! We love to hear your ideas.


All of our baby range is available from our Etsy Shop but it will soon be available on SaveThePeople. We know our sassy baby t shirts are going to be a huge hit, First day we launched them onto Etsy we were getting customers messaging us telling us how much they loved them! They are made from super soft cotton making them perfect for your little one.

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