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Swimwear you NEED this Summer

Sometimes packing for your holiday is more exciting than the actual holiday. It’s the perfect excuse to revamp your WHOLE wardrobe! The only problem is nower days is how much your actually allowed to take with the strict luggage allowance. Forget the weight you need at LEAST one piece of swimwear a day! In this blog I’m going to show you my fave pool pieces.

River Island

River Island is a great go to bikini shop, if you need a bikini go there and you’ll instantly fall in love with one (or them all!) I instantly fell in love with this cute palm frill bikini:

Palm Bikini - River Island

This bikini is so easy to wear, I LOVE IT. Get it now from River Island Bottoms £13 Top £22

InTheStyle X Sarah Ashcroft

I was really hoping not to like anything from this collection so I wasn’t tempted to buy it all but unfortunatly it’s all TO DIE FOR! She has smashed this collection every piece is insane I just didn’t know which piece to choose for this blog. I’ve gone for non swim. Its a cute beach cover. Night top.. Any time top it’s just too cute.

Sarah Ashcroft Collection

This mega cute top is such a bargain at £19.99


Hot!Mess is an amazing UK based company – they haven’t yet brought out SS17 swimwear but from seeing last years we know it’s going to be the BOMB! If your lucky you  might be able to get your hands on some of last years in the sale. Check out this swimsuit:

Hot!Mess Swimwear

This swimsuit is so cute, get it now for £10 down from £38!!


Save The People also has a range of summer pieces, and we are currently working on a range of swimwear – keep your eyes out!

There are so many great swimwear pieces out there other shops which have some great bits; H & M, Triangl and Miss Guided.

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