Oversized Hoodies September 1, 2017 – Posted in: General

Oversized HOODIES.

Our brand new range of oversized hoodies will take you from day to night in a quick change of shoe.

Since moving offices we have been really busy getting together new collections and changing how things run to make things better for you –  our customer.

 Since moving offices we are lucky enough to have our own photo studio making it so easy for us to bring in models to photograph our pieces so you know exactly what you are getting.

P.S. If you think you would be a god model for us just email: emily@savethepeople.co.uk

Last week Sophia Ally to modelled our ‘GRLPWR’ range which features some great pieces.

Whilst she was here we got a chance to photograph our brand new oversized hoods.

Royal Blue Hood

Royal Blue Oversized Hoodie

This Royal Blue Oversized Hoodie is my personal favourite out of the oversized hoods. These hoodies are available in ‘one size fits most’. Royal blue is such a vibrant colour so you will stand out from the crowd. In a good way of course! We cleverly paired the hoodie up with some grey peep toe boots and a chunky silver necklace all from the similar colour pallet giving this look a wintery cold feel.

Olive Hood

Olive Oversized Hoodie

We have carefully selected the colours of our oversized hoodies. We love the military vibes from this ‘olive oversized hoodie’ paired up with some fishnets and black leather ankle boots. Go from just going out to going out out with a chunky waist belt. Get that ‘I woke up like this’ look with our range of oversized hoodies.

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